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I found out and watched huge creampie videos for maybe 5 minutes before he saw me. He was shocked, embarrassed and all that. I asked if I could join him for huge creampie videos. I knew about porn, saw plenty with my girlfriend in San Diego, but never saw a real life guy naked before. After he calmed down. I took off my clothes and sat with him. The first night he was so uncomfortable, but we sat there side by side masturbating. I looked over when he came, he shot off on his belly. He immediately grabbed a towel and wiped it up so fast I barely got a look at it.

The next night we met again after the house went to sleep. This time I reached over and masturbated him, while rubbing myself with my other hand. He came all over my arm, big spurts. I looked at it fascinated. He tried to wipe it off me but I shooed him away. I sat there and studied it. It started to drip down. I cupped it with my hand. It felt like liquid silk. I used my finger to spread it here and there basically playing with it. I brought my wetted finger to my nose. I liked the smell it made me aroused.

Huge Creampie Videos

I touched my finger to the tip of my tongue. the salty tang was so erotic. I put my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. Then I did it again and again. Finally I raised my forearm and licked up every drop.

I was a young virgin, I never had done this before. I had seen pictures of women with cum in their mouth in Terry’s huge creampie videos collection and figured it was just normal. I never thought I was nasty or bad or anything but wonderful. No one told it was supposed to be gross so I never thought of as that way.

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Huge Asshole Creampie

On occasion I will have a man pull out at the moment of his orgasm – or preferably after a spurt or two into my pussy – then let the rest spray my belly. After he is finished I love to lie there and admire it, filling my navel, then a little at a time scoop it with my finger and lick it clean until it is all gone.

I don’t care for huge asshole creampie “facials” too much but have had a few, usually when I am graced by the presence of two or three men, one one just can’t hold it long enough for me to finish the first. I like to let it run off me down my front.

Huge Asshole Creampie

I also love the look of it on my breasts, especially when a drip is running down over my dark brown nipple. Usually my husband cannot resist licking it off me like that but a kiss is always next, after all it s a gift to me, not to him.

My husband asked me about my fetish for cum. We had been married maybe 2 years by then and my preferences were already well known to him, Unlike other couples who who fantasize for years before doing huge asshole creampie, we have been sharing with others even when we were dating.

Basically I became a cum addict before I had even lost my virginity. The boy who had me that very first time was a cousin-in-law and I happened to catch him alone one night at their family’s summer ranch watching huge asshole creampie movie while stroking himself.

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Huge Load Creampie

Others are like me.

I love huge load creampie. I crave it. I cannot get enough of it.

I look at it as my reward for being a good lover. For me it;s such an essential part of sex that unless I have a man ejaculate directly into my pussy or elsewhere I don’t even count myself as having had sex with him.

I am a semen connoisseur. I revel in the taste, I enjoy the look of it, I love to feel the texture, smell the musky scent.

Huge Load Creampie

Maybe it is half imagination but when a man shoots off into me I can feel it spreading inside me, coating the inside of my vagina, flowing deeply into me. I take it in absorb the essence making them man who gave it to me permanently part of me. It is his gift to me.

Of all the men I have been fortunate enough to have huge load creampie sex with, I find that no two men have exactly the same cum. For lovers I have had many many times I am confident that I can identify a man by the taste and texture of his semen.

I prefer to have to inside me, but I love the feel of it dripping out of me down my legs. I love it also when a man allows me to take it into my mouth to savor the taste and the texture. My favorite move when I suck a man it to let him cum in my mouth. As he spurts I let it land on my tongue then as he is still shooting off I massage the underside of his cock head using the huge load creampie as a lubricant. I am told this can be very intense.

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Wifes Huge Creampie

Sometimes, when my wife’s not in the mood to fuck, I’ll work Joe’s fine dick all night, and he can cum for my feeding three and even four times. And each time, I swear he shoots 5 or more times, just drenching my tongue and tonsils with his potent seed. I hope that, if I eat up all that Joe has to offer, I might someday be as big a cummer as he is. Already, after a night eating up all of Joe’s cum, I can cum twice myself. Of course, my wife loves to watch as I eat all wife’s huge creampie up, and she encourages me more by saying, “Imagine it’s Joe’s hot cum you are eating, darling. You know how much you love to suck big Joe’s hot dick”.

That usually makes me spurt at least two or three times more.

Joe is promising me that he has a few friends who would like to help me with my sperm production problem. I can’t wait to get a bunch of loads of cum from his friends, so that I will be able to product two or three full blown, sperm fountain orgasms for my wife and Joe while they fuck. Of course, I will eat all that up too, because my wife loves nothing else better than Joe fucking her while she watches me eat my own cum. And, of course, the hotter she is, the more cum Joe can pump up her delicious cunt for me to feed. It’s a win-win situation all right.

Wife's Huge Creampie

Some women tolerate it, considering it a necessary evil for the pleasures of wife’s huge creampie.

I know a few women who can’t wait to wipe it up off themselves after sex, but others like it and enjoy the feel of it.

I’d guess that half the women in the world think it’s gross and won’t let wife’s huge creampie anywhere near their mouths.

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Huge Messy Creampies

I’ve always wanted to find ways to make more huge messy creampies when I ejaculate. Since I’ve been sensitive about how little I make, I have encouraged my beautiful sexy wife to find lovers to fill her up. She is so beautiful when her pussy is overflowing with creamy cum that I can’t help but dive in and lick it up.

She gets really excited when I eat her huge messy creampies after she’s been fucked real good, so he likes having several boy friends that fuck her regularly and then she comes home to feed me. Some of her boy friends have made friends with me, so we enjoy having an evening with her boyfriend fucking her in front of me, and then, when I see that gorgeous cunt overflowing with cream, I’ve got to eat it all up.

I think that the more huge messy creampies I eat, the more I can cum, and so does my wife.

Huge Messy Creampies

We’ve been trying to find some guys who really have a lot of cum when they fuck, so I can really have a feast and boost my own cum production. Often, after one of her really spermy boy friends blasts a heavy load in my wife’s pussy, I eat it up and then, for an encore, I jack off and eat that all up, too. My wife goes wild, screaming and frigging her clit with her finger, begging her boyfriend to fuck her again while I am slurping my cum off of my fingers.

Recently, we met Joe, and I’ve never met a guy who could come so much. He can cum so much that we have sometimes invited Gale over for him to fuck as well. After he cums in my wife, I begin the feast and start eating up all that Joe left inside her while Joe is filling up Gale with another load. You know, Joe is so amazing that even after I eat all he left in me wife, and all he leaves in Gale, he still has enough to feed me even more. I love sucking his dick and jacking him off so he can feed me all he has got, cause it makes my dick grow big and full of cum.

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Huge Creampie Pics

“What if they did huge creampie pics? Maybe someone else would want to get some pussy form you knowing you’re an easy lay?” he told me.

“Maybe thats what I need to do then, you won’t mind right honey? If I fuck 2-3 guys at work then come home all sloppy for you?”

“Maybe just do it here, I love to watch a whore in action, you’re better than a porn star.” he said

“Oh yeah, you think all the guys at work want to fuck me? What about huge creampie pics?, Maybe Frank or Nick? Shall I get them to come over and you can watch them have my pussy?”

Huge Creampie Pics

“Then I’ll take you when they’re done, I love fucking you when you’ve been bad, with your your little whores cunt all stretched out and sloppy with cum. Maybe they think Asian girls are natural whores, they all want to fuck you my dear.”

“Will you let me? I want to fuck them, maybe I’ll fuck Nick tomorrow then come home all wet, you’ll know I’m a whore.”

We both came at that. I felt like the Space Shuttle launching, and Alex nearly passed out.

I lay there until his cock slipped out in a wash of hot semen. It ran all over my leg. I put my thighs together to spread it out all over me. More ran down my ass.

We were both spent and laid there for an hour. I feel asleep and woke up to him between my legs licking up the mess. I came again, then we ordered Chinese take-out, I was hungry for huge creampie pics!

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Huge Creampie Wheel

Wordlessly he licked up up and down until I was on the verge of a Richter 10 orgasm. Sensing my huge creampie wheel he lifted his mouth from my cunt and started kissing up my body. He kissed my lips and I tasted the cum on him. My husband kissing me after going down on my previously fucked pussy, just the idea of it made my whole body flush with excitement

I shuffled up the bed, still sideways, reached out and got a pillow. I lifted my ass and put the pillow under me. This lifts and opens my cunt like nothing else.

“You huge creampie wheel whore.” is all he said.

“Yes I am a whore, but also your wife, that means you have to fuck me, no matter how many have fucked me ahead of you.” I whispered.

Huge Creampie Wheel

His cock entered me. He yelled out. “You are so wet and sloppy my lover.”

“For you, only you can fully appreciate me and love me properly.”

It was only a few minutes before he came, thisis common, when I’m really really wet he cums even faster.

I hadn’t yet myself, but after he shot off I lay there naked next to him. Once we recovered he was hard again. I rolled onto top of him and slipped him inside of me. As I threw my left leg over him cum leaked out onto his belly. He slipped inside me easily.

We started to stroke, I needed huge creampie wheel stimulation so I said: “I fucked him in his hotel room today. I spent the entire afternoon trying not to leak his cum all over my legs where someone could see it.”

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Huge Unwanted Creampie

“What was it, a quickly in the car?” he asked

“Hotel room after lunch.” I answered.

“You’re still pretty damp for having had it hours ago, he must have been pretty horny.”

I said nothing as his kisses ambled down the front of me, past my navel to my shaved mound. His tongue flicked up to my labia. I almost kicked him it was intense.

He stood back up and and pushed me to the bed.

Huge Unwanted Creampie

“You’ve been bad, you’re not getting away with it so easily.” He told me as he pushed my onto my back. My legs were hanging over the edge of the bed.

He knelt down, put this hand on my knees and opened my legs. I felt my huge unwanted creampie pussy lips open. I know they were slick and wet.

“I have to inspect you, imagine my wife slutting around like a whore at work getting laid by strange men, then coming home with cum in her huge unwanted creampie pussy.” he told me.

He started kissing my thighs, left to right an inch upwards at time. I felt tingly all over. Soon I felt his breath on my huge unwanted creampie pussy lips. His tongue flicked out to tickle them.

I let out a breath and squirmed under his ministrations as his tongue slowly probed into me.

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Huge Camel Toe Creampie

His hands went between me legs and I felt myself still slippery. His finger went all over my pussy lips. Then inside me. There was no denying it then.

“Oh honey, you are wet, long day at the office, did you miss me?” he said

“Of course I missed you, but I’m so hot right now from the long day let me wash up.” I answered

He turned me around to face him, I was naked, he was in shorts and very erect.

His hand went my boob and he kissed me. His other hand went between my legs. I wasn’t leaking, there wasn’t enough left after 3 1/2 hours, but I was still slippery inside. His finger went inside me.

Huge Camel Toe Creampie

He broke the kiss and brought his finger up. It was slick and shiny “You’ve been a bad girl full of the huge camel toe creampie haven’t you?”

Again I pretended to be embarrassed, “Oh honey, please forgive me that huge camel toe creampie, I, uh, uh, uh…”

He put the finger in my mouth and I licked it clean. He then kissed me. “You are such a slut, who did you fuck today?”

“You don’t know him, no one special, just a cock.” I said

“Just a cock but you let him give you huge camel toe creampie.” he said accusingly.

He was getting visibly more aroused by the second. He kissed me again, then knelt down to put his mouth in my nipple.

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Huge Facial Creampie

I didn’t give him a heads up that I’d be coming home wet after huge facial creampie, but as soon as I got in the door he knew.

I played a huge facial creampie game with him, “Honey, it’s been such a long day I need a bath and I want to go to bed early.”

“Oh baby, let me help you.” he said

“Oh no, thats ok, you just relax, wait for me.”

There was not getting him out of the bedroom though. I played like I didn’t want him to know I’d been bad and was trying to hide it from him. We’ve played this game before.

Huge Facial Creampie

He decided to “help” get ready for my bath, but taking off my clothes from behind, supposedly not suspicious but from behind harder to see any evidence still in my panty hose or between my legs.

I had a piece of Kleenex inside the panty hose to keep too much of the huge facial creampie from leaking out all over, but some has already dried on the nylon.

“What’s this?” he asked when he found the folded tissue.

Feigning embarrassment I said “Oh errrr, nothing honey.” go ahead in the other room I’ll be out later.”

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